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Ayyā Suvirā's Dharma Talks at Lokanta Vihara
Ayyā Suvirā
Ayyā Suvīrā is Buddhist nun (bhikkhunī). She received higher ordination as a bhikkhuni in 2019 with Ayya Santini as preceptor, and is currently resident at Mettārāma Nuns’ Monastery in Harris Park. She had previously contributed to the development of the nuns’ education program at Newbury Buddhist Monastery, where she taught both monastic and lay audiences. At present, she is a respondent for the Metta Centre’s “Ask a Buddhist” Program, as well as contributing to the community as Buddhist representative to Rookwood Cemetary and Catholic Cemetaries and Crematoria. With the support of Bhante Sujato and Tina Ng and team of the Metta Centre/Mettārāma working group, she is continuing the vision of the Mettārāma project to provide an urban residence for nuns in Sydney. Ayyā Suvīrā speaks English and Mandarin.
2022-03-04 The revival of the Bhikkhunis, Mettā meditation, Dhamma talk on the psychology of peace, Q+A 1:29:25
with Ayyā Suvirā, Bhante Sujato
From Mantra Hotel. Ayyā Suvīrā presenting her new book. Mettā meditation, introduced and guided by Bhante Sujato. Dhamma talk by Bhante Sujato: the psychology of peace. Samatha and Vipassanā: not two kinds of meditation, but aspects of mental development: letting go of desire and ignorance. "Māra is always one step ahead!" Q+A: Being afraid of peace.
Lokanta Vihara
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  • Walking in the Sunshine of the Bhikkhunis by Ayyā Suvirā (Link)
2021-05-21 Breath meditation, Dhamma talk 69:59
At Harris Park – with special guest: Ayyā Suvirā guiding a breath meditation, Dhamma talk by Ayyā Suvirā on the suffering of the Bodhisatta / Buddha
Lokanta Vihara

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