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Chanting, Guided meditation on the breath, Q&A
2022-09-16 Chanting, Guided meditation on the breath, Q&A 1:10:21
Bhante Sujato
Chanting. Guided meditation on the breath as a simple kind of abiding; Audience Q&A: Q: How to overcome the body restricting the breath? ~A: 1. Patience. 2. Slight shift to focus on the out-breath 4. Contemplate non-self 5. Focus on pleasure in the breath. Q: How to let go of worry? ~A: Uddhacca-kukkucha one place to look, 'like conditions like' so to be happy tomorrow, do something good now. Q: Is mindfulness different to concentration? ~A: 'Concentration' term can convey controlling solutionism but concentration fine as a word. Q: Technique of being without your breath for 20 minutes by telling the breaths you love them? Q: What did the Buddha say about monarchism? Q: Meditation during lucid dreaming?
Lokanta Vihara

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